The golf architect Martin Hawtree will be on site for the

The week long build up to Tuesday’s severe weather led to some soul searching in the meteorological community: what is the value, and potential downside, of giving people five or six days’ notice that an outbreak may occur? An AP analysis by Seth Borenstein and Kelly Kissel, published on Saturday, covers the issues well. WXGeeks host and WU contributing blogger Marshall Shepherd (University of Georgia) also explored the topic thoughtfully in a Forbes essay last Thursday. (Shepherd also has some great perspective on yesterday’s presumed forecast bust.].

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A weekly paper, the Anchorage Press, was told it would have to pay $6,500 for e mails of Palin and three aides relating to the lieutenant governor. The request was withdrawn, with the newspaper offering the apology. “”Hi Linda wow, that’s an expensive request I made,” reporter Brendan Joel Kelley wrote to state administrator Linda Perez.

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Publishing giant Meredith is launching a new business unit. Called the Meredith Innovation Group, the arm will include three new units Meredith Product Studio, Meredith Voice Network, and Meredith Smart Codes focused on Meredith’s proprietary consumer data and insights. The unit will launch at the Consumer Electronics Show and will focus on enabling cross platform experiences and extend its content to busy consumers through smart speakers and smartphones.

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