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Sometimes, shockingly misogynistic rhetoric seeps into more mainstream conservative press as well. During last year controversy over sexual assault allegations against then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a female blogger for PJ Media asserted that women lie and scheme. Like any concept, the term is cheapened by overuse.

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anti theft backpack In the park’s 140 year history, he said, six people are known to have been killed in bear attacks.”Bears are really very tolerant of people,” Gunther said. “I have had a few times where I was bluff charged but the bear always pulled up short. You don’t really know if you are a ‘runner’ or a ‘stander’ until that happens.”Gunther said the park tries to keep visitors and bears a safe distance apart.But more often than not it’s the humans that don’t follow that plan.”We can have hundreds of visitors alongside the road filming and viewing bears,” he said anti theft backpack.

“I coached with Sean at Royal and you couldn’t have met a

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