Kay thinks she should pick up some of the trash from the bear

We have no clue what to talk to the guy about. But it was good. It was fun. I don’t think the bear got the drinks. Aaah the cola tastes good. Kay thinks she should pick up some of the trash from the bear but decides to get back in the truck. The first drive of the last Jazz was held in Goa and, this time as well, Honda Cars India organised the first drive of the new Jazz in the beach state. The last time, the Indian car market was not as mature and customers were not willing to pay Rs 8 lakh plus for a premium hatchback. Today, there are a number of hatchbacks priced in excess of Rs 9 lakh, and some even have a waiting period of more than four months.

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Before clients consider our competence or expertise there’s something else they’re looking for: they’re looking for warmth. Are we real? Are we authentic? Unfortunately, the more we hammer our amazing expertise, the less authentic we appear. Micah reminded me of this.

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