New-age jazz

New-age jazz

In the North American guitarist William Ackerman had minted the term new age to define a style of instrumental music of atmospheric cut, which origin could be traced on the borders of the jazz with the classical music, the folk, and even with the psychedelic music, the electronics and the oriental philosophies. The musical piece of news directed to a well-off and urban public, was an authentically white music, whose neuralgic center was placing on the Coast West of the United States.

Already Tony Scott with its Zen Music For Meditation and Paul Horn (In India, ), between others, they had experimented with the merger of the jazz with the musical east traditions, but the genre had to wait until middle of the decade of so that musicians as Mark Isham or David Darling should to plan its definitive lines, which remained well established throughout the whole following decade in the work of George Winston, Michael Hedges, Daniel Kobialka, Michael Jones, David Lanz, Liz Story, Mark Nauseef, Glen Velez, Rob Wasserman or the group Shadowfax.

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